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Kirill Fondler (a.k.a. Ultradog / K4)

Pavlov's Dogs Orchestra - show & more

Dear friends,

Here are some exciting news I’d like to share with you:

(1) Pavlov’s Dogs Orchestra will be playing this Friday, NOV 28 in Rancho Relaxo (300 College St.) and welcome you to come and enjoy the party there with us!

Here is the lineup for the evening:

Young Contrarians (
The Rest (
Pavlov's Dogs Orchestra - go on stage around midnight


Doors at 9, cover $7

Facebook: []

(2) It’s about time, and you can now download our “Lines” ringtone right to your cell phone, and it’s FREE!

Ø Just go to and enter your number to receive the link for download.

Ø US residents also have an option to text "PDOMUSIC 7" to +447797806195 to get "Lines". By the way if you find that this option may work for some of you in Canada, please let us know, it’s greatly appreciated.


(3) A few days ago we moved to the final round of Independent Music Awards in US!

Please take a minute to vote for us and encourage your friends to do so to help us jump to the next level --

Thank you so much for your tremendous support and being such a great audience during all these years!!!



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