Kirill Fondler (a.k.a. Ultradog / K4) (dorban) wrote in pavlovs_dogs,
Kirill Fondler (a.k.a. Ultradog / K4)

Pavlov's Dogs Orchestra attending Ontario Independent Music Awards showcase/ceremony

Dear friends,

I'm excited to invite you to join us at the Ontario Independent Music Awards night on Thursday, OCT 16 at Phoenix Theater, 410 Sherbourne St, doors open at 8 pm, free admission.

The program for the night consists of the last year winner showcases followed by this year winner announcements in each category between the music sets.

Pavlov's Dogs Orchestra is among the nominees in "Best World" music section, and also The Lost Chord got nominated for "Best Indie Rock" artist!

You are more than welcome to come and support us and see lots of cool shows all for free.

I'll keep my fingers crossed;) Hope to see you there! k4
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