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PDO @ INDIE WEEK FINALS: Reverb/Holly Joe's - OCT 11

Dear friends,

Thank you for supporting us at the Horseshoe on Thursday!
Some of you probably know that we won the round and moved to the finals.

We will be playing on Saturday OCT 11 @ INDIE WEEK FINALS in Reverb/Holly Joe's (651 Queen Street West), shows start @ 9 PM.

This is a showcase where the "BEST OF INDIE WEEK" perform 3 songs each with industry judging for the top act.

This is going to be an awesome night - you get to listen to the best songs of the best out of the 80 acts that participated during the week!!

The bands who competed against us were very good, and the top acts selected for this final showcase are a "satisfaction guarantee" experience.

So if you up to checking out the best of the new talent from around the world this is a one of a kind opportunity, which happens only once in a year.

Admission at $20 or VIP pass.

See you there! Yours,
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